Multilingual Desktop publishing formats the target language into multilingual version. Cuttingedge performs formatting for brochure, catalogue or manual. Multilingual Desktop publishing design gives consistency in terms of language, formatting and aesthetic factors. We have a group of innovative desktop publishers and graphic designers who have clear-cut knowledge of multilingual desktop publishing.

  • Creation & updation of Multilingual Designs
  • Dedicated DTP facility for LSPs & Publishing companies
  • Dedicated Project Mangement Team for LSPs
Our Services
  • We execute & monitor Multilingual Desktop Publishing projects.
  • We service a wide range of file formats: PHP, ASP, RTF, HTML, XML, Microsoft Office 1997/ 2000/ 2003/2007 documents, XML formats, Adobe InDesign CS2/ CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS2/CS3, QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Freehand and Macromedia Dreamweaver files.
  • XML (generic), Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio (.VDX), XLIFF, OpenOffice, RTF, XHTML, FrameMaker(.MIF), PDF (returns plain text), HTML, InDesign (.INX & .IDML), Trados TTX, DITA , Java properties files, DocBook, SDF, .PO / .POT, .ASPX, SVG, .YAML, .TXT, TPL, PHP, ResX, DWF, DXF.

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