Advertising Top

Gadgets and services created at a faster pace than before are advertised at still faster pace, thanks to Internet. If a product or service is not on net, it’s not there.

There are ads for all consumers who speak different languages and have different cultures. Cuttingedge closes the loop of communication by offering the best translation and localisation services.

Agriculture Top

Agriculture and allied sectors like forestry and fisheries engage the majority of work force in developing nations. For this it is essential that information regarding farm practices, input, implements, and trade and credit is provided to farmers in their languages.

Cuttingedge has wide ranging experience in providing quality language solutions for the Agriculture sector.

Automobile & Automotive Top

The rapid development in Asia and Far East has thrown open huge markets for this sector. The established players innovate constantly to stay ahead and are entering into global partnerships.

The technical details, the core brand along with its associated connotations and value must be conveyed all around the world. Technical documents describing mechanical and electronic systems, methods and processes, as used by engineers, technicians, dealers, suppliers and customers need Cuttingedge language solutions.

Cuttingedge has wide ranging experience in providing quality language solutions to Automotive companies.

Consultancy Top

Consultants advise companies / Governments / NGOs. For this they need access to company’s confidential data. Sometimes they don’t know the language in which the company stores the data.

So companies need the services of reliable translators who have an eye for precision and detail.

It is here Cuttingedge language solutions create the difference. Our professional s with expertise in language and domain, produce translations with correct content as per source. For one to one with the consultants, interpreters are also available.

Education Top

For market-friendly education, especially in services and manufacturing, real estate and agriculture sectors, skills can be best developed in the mother tongue.

In the corporate sector, there is a need for developing web-based learning and localisation.Cuttingedge language solution experts have a wide ranging experience in translating such educational material.

Energy Top

The energy companies are moving away from conventional energy exploration methods to sustainable models of energy generation. This calls for sharing of data and expertise at global scale which requires Cuttingedge language solutions.

Given the awareness of rights of indigenous people on the natural resources, both formal and informal exchange with them has become essential. Cuttingedge language solutions will make communication possible among companies and people.

Engineering Top

Engineering projects are realised by unhindered communication between experts and workers. More often both have uneven language abilities. For exact communication and understanding of technical terms and tasks Cuttingedge language solutions are required.

The Company ensures your texts and documents are communicated precisely and respectfully across national borders. Cuttingedge helps you make place in international market.

Finance Top

Investments in foreign currency, marketable securities, and bonds keep banks and other financial institutions active 24 hours. Cuttingedge language solutions helps companies, and investors extend business far beyond the borders of their home countries.

Think tanks and research firms are seeking ways to better finance management. The differing technical procedures, legal frameworks and country - or culture - specific conventions pose their issues. The exchange of ideas has become inevitable. Cuttingedge experts can render these and routine exchanges in any language.

Governance Top

What is legislated at the federal or state levels reaches late, if at all it does, to the citizens. The delay is caused by insufficient language solutions.

There is miscarriage of justice as the law enforcing and justice departments and the citizens don’t communicate in the same language. The situation takes a turn for worse when development leads to migration and displacement. Governments who care for their people turn to Cuttingedge language solutions.

Information technology Top

For communicating IT programming (the language of numerals and mathematical symbols) to overseas experts in new foreign markets require Cuttingedge language solutions.

The internationally understandable programming code, specifications and test reports, contractual agreements for international collaborations, have to be put in languages understood by producers and consumers.

Cuttingedge language solutions guarantee optimal comprehension and the highest possible technical accuracy in getting the word across the globe about your IT product.

Insurance Top

In our uncertainty-ridden society insurance against unforeseen natural or man-made circumstances of death, disease and destruction has become a must.

Cuttingedge language solutions will be by your side in winning over the customers’ confidence and help you respond to their demands.

Accurate and in time Cuttingedge language solutions helps you make inroads into multi-lingual markets across continents.

Law Top

Growing economic cooperation among nations has made jobs of law firms more challenging today than ever before. International legal frameworks, binding policies, contractual details have to be negotiated and clarified to partners in different countries and cultural groups.

Even in settling an ordinary fracas with law services of translators/interpreters have become essential. Wrong translation can lead to miscarriage of justice. Cuttingedge is well aware of the sensitivity .We ensure the documents are translated accurately by specialists from legal domain.

Market Research Top

Cuttingedge language solutions are must for gathering relevant, accurate, reliable, valid and current information for identifying and analysing market need, size and competition.

For social and opinion research statistical and analytical methods are used to gain insight into their market trends.

Our company which has wide ranging experience in translating market research questionnaire, we are confident that we will be able to provide quality language solution.

Medicine and Pharmacy Top

Research in different systems of medicines involves digging into the wisdoms of texts whose language can be deciphered by a few language experts located in the civilizational country like India and China; Cuttingedge has unique advantage of providing language solutions to international research networks.

With growing exchanges among the medicine systems the terminology is no longer ‘Latin only’. Chinese, Sanskrit and Arabic are making place in the contemporary medical lexicon. Cuttingedge makes it possible to bring down language barriers with zero tolerance of errors.

The Cuttingedge translation of clinical studies, instruction leaflets, information for patients, and hand books, specialist literature and press releases takes the benefits of research to patients and international specialist.

Publishing Top

Translation is one single factor which has given boost to publishing. It is the triangle of author, translator and publisher which brings book to the reader.

It is not literary works but books in other disciplines gain readers in translation. Translating word for word, sentence for sentence is not enough. Cuttingedge translators have a distinct linguistic sensitivity which enables them to capture different linguistic habits, styles, and cultures, to convey the message of the author to readers in different languages.

Telecommunication Top

Telecommunication tools have made it possible to exchange millions of pictures, videos, audios around the world every day. It is the language that animates these tools making it possible to have written or audio visual exchanges.

Cuttingedge with its worldwide reach provides all language solutions online along with simultaneous interpretation and translation.

Tourism Top

When employees at hotels, airlines, travel agencies and tour operators speak tourist’s language, the latter feel at home and are eager to comeback.

Guests with different cultural backgrounds, customs, and ideas present different communication challenges. Cuttingedge language solutions help the companies and the tourists overcome the challenges.

Cuttingedge language solutions are available worldwide for online travel and hospitality portals.

Transport and Logistics Top

The transport networks carry men and material long distances in and out of the country by road, sea and air.

Special types of logistics documents need to be put in foreign languages. Our company has expert knowledge of the logistics sector which is a requirement for communication with business partners, customs or transport authorities. The translations are vet by domain experts. For your challenging translations and localisations, Cuttingedge uses the best technology and the best translators around the globe.

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