7 Reasons why you will love living and working in Canada

7 Reasons why you will love living and working in Canada

If you are thinking of starting a new venture or migrating your business to another location, you would be hard-pressed to find a better location than Canada, here are seven reasons why.

7.) You can keep more of your money.

Canadians have been able to keep an increasing amount of their incomes through the years, with an average after-tax income of around $40,000 USD.

6.) You'll love your neighbors.

In Montreal alone, over fifty organizations have chosen the Canadian city as their base of operations including the Global Call for Climate Action, and the International Bureau for Children's Rights.

5.) Expand your knowledge.

Canada is certainly globally respected for many reasons but one of its most renowned offerings is its education system. Primary and Secondary education is free for all citizens, so whether you want to expand your education part-time or ensure your children have quality education at no price to you directly, you have a great option in Canada.

4.) Be a part of the future.

Canada as a nation is one of the largest contributors to innovations of science and technology as well as medicine. They regularly make breakthroughs in the world of quantum computing, medical innovations and space exploration. If you run a future-facing company, you will have no shortage of talent and expertise in Canada. 

3.) Trustworthy finances.

All financial options in Canada are trustworthy, secure, and public. They also have strong and reliable banking institutions, with 4 of the top 10 ranked banks globally exist in Canada.

2.) More time for your loved ones.

Canada leads the world in offering paid time off, and top of the line maternity and even paternity leave, so your work-life balance can be stellar, producing higher productivity for you and your employees.

1.) A comfortable future.

If you are in the older demographics like baby boomers, or even generation x business owners, you can rest assured that you can spend the later part of your life in confident comfort. Canada has a unique pension and retirement program so you can be sure when it's time to retire you won't have much to be worried about.

All in all, Canada is a no-brainer as a great location for the future of your business.

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