Governance Optimization Requires Translation in Local Languages

Governance Optimization Requires Translation in Local Languages

Amid our current global crisis, and trying to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID19), it's imperative that global leaders quickly reach every region around the globe. Addressing this current health crisis and those in the future requires "blending integrated knowledge translation with global health governance: an approach for advancing action on a wicked problem." The question is, how can this integration be achieved?

Public-Private Partnerships Must Start on the Local Level

While "high-level global partnerships do serve a useful purpose," as stated in a Harvard Business Review, "unfortunately, the one thing these partnerships rarely do is actually solve these problems." Ultimately, "local solutions are essential to tackling global problems." 

Through partnerships on the local level, the key players for an effective task force can develop the processes and procedures that will improve regional care and awareness. Part of the task force mix must employ language translation.

Language Barriers are the Challenge for Governance

In today's mobile world, multiple cultural diversities must also be a consideration. Reaching out to a region's population, local and foreign language translation is a vital part of the governance solution.

In a country such as Canada, where there are two official languages, they also must take into consideration the "70 distinct Indigenous languages." Along with their two official languages and the Indigenous languages, they must also consider those languages from countries they interact for business and trade.

Integrating Design Principles Can Lead to Effective Governance

Global leaders and governments are at a critical stage, facing "pressing transnational problems they cannot solve alone." Implementing local public-private partnerships can promote the innovation needed to begin integrating design principles into policymaking, investing in citizen engagement, and working closely with the private sector, by focusing "on three principles: experimentation, learning, and sharing." Again, local translation is vital to the design setup. 

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