Language Translation is Key to Achieving the Golden Age of Sustainability

Language Translation is Key to Achieving the Golden Age of Sustainability

First, what are we talking about when we mention "achieving a golden age?" According to Collins, "a golden age is a period of time during which a very high level of achievement is reached in a particular field of activity, especially in art or literature." 

When we review the goals for global sustainability, achieving these milestones would most certainly qualify as a Golden Age. Clearly, language translation is key to achieving a golden age of sustainability.

Translation Between Local Language and International Language

It's apparent that to help educate, education materials should be in the local language for efficient educational instruction. An agreed-upon approach, as communicated on ResearchGate, answering the question, "should environmental education be given in native/local language or in an international language?"

Yet, there is also discussion that "international" language is also important for higher education "science and environmental subjects/disciplines." As one contributor suggests, both approaches are important. The missing link is translation.

The Language Barrier in Our World of Migrant Transition

The world we all call home is in continual transition, and language barriers are hindering migrant education. As reported on the World Education Blog, "one in five students have a migrant background in OECD countries, resulting in multi-lingual/multi-cultural classrooms. Yet, only half of immigrants receive language support in OECD countries on average." 

The Golden Age of Artificial Intelligence 

From its emergence to our year 2020, artificial intelligence (AI) is entering its Golden Age. Through advanced AI, known as deep learning, the possibilities are endless, and our world is evolving faster than many can keep up. 

For a Sustainable Golden Age to occur, the language barriers have to come down. Advanced AI can play a unique role in helping with language translation, but only to a point. The human factor is also vital in respecting and preserving cultural heritages. 

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