Legal Translation Should be Done by Senior Lawyers

Legal Translation Should be Done by Senior Lawyers

Every business sector is serving multiple language groups, and the need for translation services is growing exponentially. In fact, the global language services industry is expected to reach $56 billion by next year, and North America is the second largest market, behind Europe. This growing trend has given rise to machine translation and other automated processes. Should you entrust legal translation to an automated process? 

While translation errors often create comical interactions, in the legal world, it's no laughing matter. One small mistake in a legal document can cause harm to the parties involved, as well as cost extra money and time to fix later. It could result in a loss of reputation for your firm, in addition to an overall lack of efficiency in your process and frustration among your staff. 

Is your firm giving priority to having an effective translation workflow? 

What is Legal Translation? 

Translation in general replaces a source language with a target language. However, legal translation is unique because it takes into account cultural differences as well as the unique legal terminology and legal concepts of a specific jurisdiction.

Legal translation does not just replace one word or phrase with another. Legal translators must interpret concepts, considering legal expressions, traditions and laws of the language and area. Identity documentation, witness statements, immigration documents, wills and trusts, and patents are just some of the critical documents that may need legal translation. Court rulings, livelihoods and a client's well-being often hinge on proper translation. 

Why is Legal Translation Important?

Why should you give priority to legal translation? Drafting a legal document is difficult. That's why it's done by attorneys who are subject matter experts. Imagine drafting that same legal document in a foreign language. Only a vetted senior lawyer specialist with knowledge in the appropriate field should translate a legal document.

Consider this scenario. Your client is involved in litigation. A judge or lawyer notes incorrect translation in the legal text. The result is the entire translation has lost credibility. All parties have lost confidence and trust in your ability to perform the appropriate legal services. 

Consider these top five reasons to use senior lawyers for legal translation.

  1. Client outcomes depend on accurate translation.
  2. Your firm's reputation is at stake.
  3. Confidence in the accuracy of a document may be lost.
  4. Time is wasted.
  5. Money is lost.

Cuttingedge Translation Services understands what's at stake when it comes to legal translating. Our team has worked on tax codes of various countries, legal contacts of companies including M&A, employment contracts, NDA, MSA, SOW and many more. Cuttingedge Translation Services puts special emphasis on quality translations. Our process includes a minimum two-level review of all documents to ensure the highest quality assurance. Contact us for a free quote. 

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