Manage Linguistics as a Profession: More Relevant than Ever

Manage Linguistics as a Profession: More Relevant than Ever

The average business works with clients and corporations all over the world, and that isn't changing in the near future. Whether your work is done in a commonly spoken language or not, you'll eventually run into a language barrier. And although machine translation like Google Translate is convenient for road signs and Facebook posts, it's simply insufficient when you're responsible for professional communication, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Working with experienced linguists is essential across fields like localization and interpretation, and its broader implications for translation as a whole 


Localization is perhaps the most intensive process your business's communication can undertake. Even a skilled speaker of a language can have difficulties with localization attempts. And if media isn't localized properly, parts can be as unintelligible as if it weren't translated at all. The process takes translation to the next step-- fitting the language, tone, and even the cultural norms of the text to something familiar to the audience, without changing your intended message. This isn't something that can be done with an afternoon of research or a consult with an untrained local. It takes a combination of experience and professionalism that can only be provided by a linguist.


One of the worst faux pas a business can make is poor interpretation. Not being understood can be frustrating for both parties. Not only that, but poor communication between speakers can make for crucial mistakes in a business deal. This is the one area of the translation market where it's widely agreed upon that, of course, interpreters can't be replaced with machines. But an inexperienced or untrained interpreter, even a native speaker, can make costly mistakes.

Linguistics is both an art and a science, taking years of training and experience to perfect. If you're looking for professional translation, Cuttingedge Translation Services offers our services in over 90 languages. Contact us with any questions or to get a quote!