Multilingualism is the Key to Unlocking Quebec City's Culture

Multilingualism is the Key to Unlocking Quebec City's Culture

Throughout Quebec, the French language is a source of pride and a cornerstone of the culture. However, communications that are only in French are a deterrent and a barrier for tourists. When vital information is posted and shared in multiple languages, they are creating a window through which they can share their culture with the world.

Multilingual Businesses Are More Welcoming

The global pandemic has all but halted Canada's tourism industry. According to figures released by the Canadian government, the number of travellers from the U.S. is down 96.6% compared to 2019. Tourism from all other countries has equally grim numbers, with a 97.9% reduction. When tourism rebounds, Quebec needs to be ready and welcoming.

When a business is multilingual, tourists are put at ease. Some travelers do come eager to speak or practice their French. But it is reassuring to know that if needed, they can be assisted in English or another language. Business have a variety of opportunities for multilingual touch points:

  1. Travel websites and advertisements are the initial sources of information for trip planners. They must be able to read and understand essential information when booking their trips.
  2. Store signage and billboards welcome, guide, and attract tourists. When visitors understand these signs, they can fully explore all of the city.
  3. Menus should be in more than one language, as travellers need to understand what they are ordering. This is essential for personal preferences, allergies, and religious requirements.
  4. Upon booking rooms, hotels can send out multilingual travel information. 

When people enjoy their vacations, they return to Quebec City. They recommend their favourite businesses to their friends. This cycle of tourism results in financial growth and increased tax revenue for the province.

Get on the Path to Greater Inclusivity

Becoming a multilingual business allows you to share Quebec City's beauty and history with the rest of the world. We can help you open the door to global tourism. Contact us today.


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