Promoting Peace by Translating in Multiple Languages

Promoting Peace by Translating in Multiple Languages

How we translate words and phrases into another language, the normative assumptions that a particular culture makes about how to talk about peace, and a good faith agreement about the importance of diverse perspectives all play a role in promoting peace globally. At a local and individual level, when we value language by making the effort to translate important content in multiple languages, we promote a habit of respect that is so key in achieving peace towards one another.  In fact, just learning a few phrases in another language can make people more empathetic and understanding of different ethnic groups. 

What is the Government's Role in Peace through Translation?

Governments have lots of power and influence, and with it comes a responsibility to serve the public with integrity. Good governance depends on clear policy that aims to regulate and benefit the common good, and the same is true when it comes to translation.  Governments provide many services to consumers, including information on public programs, transportation, emergency services, and much more.  

Governments can help advance peace through all-encompassing translations that are tailored towards multiple languages. In addition, sound policy in this field will also increase public safety, trust, and happiness.    

Translating News and Advertisements

If you're a company that's reporting news or advertising through print, web, or television, it's important to accurately translate information. Cultures can drastically differ throughout the world, and being tuned in to those differences helps a great deal.  It also expands your audience and makes for a more inclusive, healthier society.  

Suppose there's a television advertisement promoting peace on a local news station; just think about how much real world value could be added by including full voice-overs and closed captioning in multiple languages. Indeed, you can reach a wide audience while promoting peace and consideration in your translations by ensuring that they are:

  1. Accurate for the target language
  2. Sensitive to cultural differences
  3. Understanding of different norms
  4. Respectful of your audience
  5. Honestly educating viewers

If you approach your reporting with an honest effort to fulfill those goals, you'll not only be impacting awareness of important developments around the world, but you'll also be fostering goodwill towards those who rely on you the most. It's a marriage of smart business and good morals, and this commitment can only help bring about a more cohesive world for all.    

Scholarly articles have shown that the semantics of peace and conflict around the globe are complex. It's clear that real knowledge, experience, and dedication is necessary to achieve success. If you want to advance a more loving, peaceful world through your translations, you need the services of experts in this field.  Please contact us to get a free quote and get started on making a real difference for you and your audience. 

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