Say "Happy Canada Day!" in Tons of Languages

Canada Day is a national holiday celebrated on July 1, 1867. A fun and festive day filled with frivolity, it's a great time for people to appreciate their country and the many facets contained within it. This especially includes a huge amount of diversity among the land and people.

While English and French may be the official languages of Canada, nearly 20% of the total population have another language as their mother tongue. Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, Arabic, German, and Italian are some of the most common, with more than a whopping 65 different languages and distinct dialects spoken by the various Indigenous Canadians throughout the country. With so many languages to consider, there's no end to how you can celebrate with others. If you'd like to make some new connections this Canada Day but aren't a fluent speaker in some of these languages, enlist the help of Cuttingedge Translation Services to break down the language barrier.

A big part of Canada Day both historically and in modern times is about bringing different groups together into one. Whether it's the different colonies that created the country or you and a neighbor connecting over the fence, it all becomes easier when you speak the same language. If you don't have time to learn a bunch of new means of communication, though, the best way to circumvent that is with a translation service. Learning simple phrases like, "Happy Canada Day!" to say in different languages can really brighten up someone's day and make them feel included.

Translation services provide tons of benefits beyond even those detailed here, however. To learn more about what you can achieve personally and professionally through professional translations in multiple languages, contact Cuttingedge Translation Services today and make it a happy Canada Day for all.

Cuttingedge Translation Services Inc. wishes you a Happy Canada Day 2020.

On 1 July, let's unite virtually and share our national pride. Click here: Oh Canada!