Celebrate India Independence Day 2020 & its Rich History

Celebrate India Independence Day 2020 & its Rich History

Ever since 1947, August 15 has been recognized as a national holiday within India called Independence Day, traditionally commemorated by the Prime Minister raising the flag and giving an address to the nation and anyone else tuning in to the broadcasts. For many in the modern era, India Independence Day is a time to reflect on the country's rich history and what it can become going forward — self-reliant, self-supporting, and self-sufficient. Though not recognized as an official holiday outside the country, Indians across the world celebrate the occasion each year in their own way with several nations even joining in with things like light shows and announcements of recognition for the special day.

As India celebrated its 74th Independence Day, the Empire State Building in New York, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the Niagara Falls in Canada were lit up in the colours of the Indian national flag.

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Bridging the Gap

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Appreciating New Cultures and Languages

Learning new languages is an ideal means of appreciating and learning about new cultures. Having translation services on hand is a major benefit in comprehending the things you learn, especially if it comes with additional context you might not otherwise know. Translation services also allow you to learn from first-hand sources rather than another party or medium.

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