The Hidden Gem that is Translation

The Hidden Gem that is Translation

Translating your marketing copies and website is a lot of extra work, it will cost a small fortune, and you have to make difficult accommodations. Would I still recommend doing it? Yes! Translating your business text is one of those investments that can't go wrong.

Below I explore the reasons why translation is a hidden gem for businesses.

1. Increase Traffic

Traffic is to websites what footfall is to retail. Translating your website will see you increase traffic from a different populace. It will boost your ranking, and traffic from your primary market will increase too.

If your content is worthy, you might get a few backlinks from people in the region, and backlinks are golden.

2. Reduced Competition

Though English is the most popular language, it is the most difficult to write in. By translating, you reduce the competition, and your chances of ranking on search engines increase by manifolds. Also, you can leverage your domain authority.

With your powerful presence on the internet, you can overwhelm other blogs written in other languages as they don't have your domain authority.

3. Better Business Opportunities

China is the second-largest economy but most businesses don't have access to this market. One way to gain access is by translating your website content into Mandarin. The same applies to other markets. By translating to French, you increase your chances of working with locals.

By and large, natives will trust you, and they will be open to working with you.

4. Strengthen your Brand

Impressions matter and the first impression of your website will last in a visitor's head. By taking into consideration a visitor's cultural intricacies and preferences through localization, you get better perception, and you strengthen your brand.

But should you use an automated service or hire a translator? The latter, definitely the latter. Cuttingedge Translation Services is one such company, and you can contact them for a free quote.